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This is Richway’s flagship product. It’s ideal size offers all the benefits of a full-body treatment, as well as the ability to transport and store with relative ease. It’s designed to fit perfectly on a standard massage table, but can also be used on a bed or other surface.

It is difficult to explain everything that makes it special but in our opinion, it is the best healing electronic device that exists for pain relief – it must be experienced to be fully appreciated.  

When researching far infrared products, it can be helpful to understand what they all have in common, and what makes them different. All infrared products, including saunas and handheld devices, use a crystalline material to convert conductive heat into radiant heat. Some products use synthetic crystals such as graphite or ceramic, and some use natural crystals, such as jade, quartz, or amethyst. High-end infrared products tend to use natural crystals.  But the amount of crystal is equally important.  A good infrared therapy device heats the body indirectly – the device heats the crystals, and the crystals heat the body.  So it feels like hot stone therapy for the whole body. To achieve this effect, the BioMat Professional contains more than 18 pounds of amethyst crystal, covering it’s entire surface.  This allows it to deliver a very large amount of warmth to the body, distributed evenly throughout, rather than distributed mostly on the skin.  The BioMat will become warm during use, but no parts of it become hot to the touch, which is a huge sign of quality in an infrared pad.

The BioMat Professional has some advantages over the Mini Biomat, due to the fact it can give a full-body treatment. This causes more profound changes in the body, and contributes to a more transformative overall experience.  

We recommend the BioMat Professional when the goals of the treatment are whole-body in nature. But for local issues, such as back pain, the Mini BioMat can often be a better choice, because of it’s increased portability, and the ability to use it easily on a chair or couch.

The BioMat Professional also makes an excellent alternative to an infrared sauna. It is more affordable, easier to store and transport, and it can be used while laying down, so it’s more relaxing.  It also warms the whole body evenly, while allowing the head to stay cool at the same time.

The BioMat Pro includes these great accessories:
Hard-Shell Purple Travel Suitcase with Wheels
Fitted Cotton Cover (machine washable)
7000MX Control Box
Documentation and RI#
3 Year Warranty & 30 Year Repair Policy

+ The 4th Treatment For Medical Refugees (eBook Upon Request)





MINI BIOMAT 7000MX 33”X20”
TOTAL COST £700.00

The Mini is very popular, and can be the perfect choice in many instances. We recommend it for treating back pain, and local issues generally. One advantage of the Mini is that it can be used in a chair, couch, or recliner. Many people own both the Professional and the Mini.

The Richway Mini BioMat 7000MX is a smaller version of the Amethyst BioMat Professional. It has the same rugged design and materials, the same functions, and the same range of temperatures. The two sizes are equally popular, and a lot of people own both. You can use both at the same time for a “sandwich treatment.” However, the Mini-Mat is quite amazing as a stand-alone device, and this is how most people use it.

The Mini BioMat measures 33 inches long and 20 inches wide. The only internal difference is that it contains alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline stones, whereas the BioMat Pro uses amethyst in all the rows. Tourmaline is also a natural crystal with healing properties, and in our opinion, the infrared light produced by each mat feels approximately the same. However, some people describe the Mini-Mat as producing a slightly more energizing effect, and the BioMat Pro as producing a slightly more calming effect.

The Mini BioMat 7000MX includes these accessories:
Purple Hard-Shell Travel Case
Fitted Cotton Cover (machine washable)
7000MX Controller
3 year warranty & 30 Year Repair Policy

BIOBELT 7000MX 8”X18”
TOTAL COST £575.00

This is the smallest version of the BioMat. It’s well-suited for treating sensitive or harder-to-reach parts of the body. It can also be used on the belly to aid digestion, and possibly reduce belly fat. It comes with a fitted sheath (54” or 72” length) that holds it in place on the body, using velcro. It can be used with or without the velcro sheath.

The Bio Belt is a fantastic addition to the BioMat product line. Because of it’s smaller size and velcro belt, it is the most versatile BioMat, and can be used on many parts of the body that are harder to reach with the larger mats. It also works great in combination with the larger mats. The active crystal portion is 8″ x 18″ x 1″. And the included velcro belt fits all sizes up to 54″.  It works by heating rows of stones, which convert conductive heat into Far Infrared Light.

Use the Bio Belt…

*On the abdominal area to aid digestion and reduce abdominal fat
*On targeted areas to relieve joint pain or speed tissue repair.
*In combination with the BioMat for a synergistic effect.

Can it really reduce belly fat?

The Bio Belt is particularly useful on the abdominal area.  The warmth directly speeds up digestive enzymes, which produces a cascade of other effects. Digestion and metabolism are improved, and serotonin levels increase, leading to satiety and reduction of appetite.


Although more controversial, there is a theory that the body produces belly fat in order to protect the digestive system from heat loss, precisely because temperature is so crucial to digestion.  If this is true, then over a a longer period of time, the Bio-Belt would also reverse this pattern.

Placing the Jewelry Belt around the waist pleasantly warms the whole body. And it is easy to use while sitting in your office chair, watching TV, or working on the computer.


It uses eight types of semi precious stones: Amethyst, Green Jade, Black Tourmaline, Topaz, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Elvan and Quartz.

The Bio Belt comes in a standard belt length of up to 54″ or a longer version which can accommodate up to 76″.

The BioBelt 7000MX includes these accessories:

7000MX Controller
3 year warranty
30 year repair policy
Documentation and RI#