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15mins - £20

30mins - £40

Regular Aura cleansing can assist you keep well and feel more vibrant, clear-headed, and more emotinally balanced. It will attract more positive experiences in your life. It is a natural part of life for our auras to interact and take on energy of others, especially those of who are sensitive.  Have you noticed no matter how good you feel but spend some time with a negative person and your good mood soon disappears. 

An effective treatment using after which you will feel relaxed, revived and rejuvenated.


30mins - £40

60mins - £75

If you are feeling your thoughts are scattered, unable to make decisions and feeling rundown and susceptible to colds and virusus then your chakras may be out of balance.

An energy based treatment whereby the therapist channels energy to you by means of touch, to activate your body’s natural healing process and restore physical and emotional well-being. Open to any belief system, its’ very relaxing nature is comforting when life is tough.  Supportive during pregnancy or a period of grievance to help you find peace.

The Chakra Reiki Massage will  aid in bringing your Mind, Body and Soul into an natural physical and emotional healing.

The session will start with a negative cleansing of the auric field.

The Therapist will  then use a dowsing pendulum for analysis of the chakras and perform vibrational healing with specific crystals placed on the major chakras while working with the energy centres in the feet with a crystal wand for a reflexology massage for the 7 energy point on the body. The therapist will use sound therapy and tuning forks as part of the vibrational healing.

This treatment is amazing for calming the mind, relaxing the body and grounding your soul so you feel at one with yourself. 

The results are astronishing as the treatment is aided with additional vibrational  healing from the FDA approved Amethyst Crystal Biomat and further enhanced with the use of frequency sprays and tuning forks.


Chakras are like funnels of energy which run from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine. You have seven in total, which are all linked to the major organs and glands in the body – for example, the solar plexus chakra (yup, you heard right) affects digestion, while the heart chakra has a direct impact on your emotional well-being and overall immune system. To be in perfect harmony, they should all be open. A chakra massage works by summoning energy from the base of the spine and helping it to diffuse throughout the body to unblock any chakras, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter.


60mins - £70


Put a little ‘Qi’ 'Chi' 'Prana' or 'Life Force' back into your life today, together with that sparkle and glow.  Look and feel more youthful from the healing vibrations & light of the crystals and gemstones used during the treatment together with the gentle acupressure massage on the points of the face, rebalancing the ‘Qi’ energy. In addition to this, you will receive harmonious sounds and vibrations which resonate from the tip of the crystal into the cells and acupressure points of your face, neck and shoulders. This will in turn, send healing energies into all the internal organs of the body, the fluids of the body, indeed, every cell.

Would you like to receive a beautiful facial treatment which can smooth away stress lines, and rejuvenate the face; that is relaxing, blissful, and non-invasive and which can bring REJUVENATION on all levels and healing to all parts of your being:- Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual?

When asked for a therapy which could help to spread light more fully;  to help promote eternal youth, radiance and health;  reduce stress and tension…  CrystalSonic RejuvenationTM was channelled from spirit, very precisely, in a series of dreams.

After a course of treatments – six is recommended – then ongoing periodically, with a simple maintenance plan in between each session – your face will be given the opportunity to be sparkling, youthful and glowing from the healing vibrations and light from crystals and gemstones used for gentle massage and acupressure on all the important points of your face. In addition to this, you will receive harmonious sounds and vibrations which resonate from the tip of the crystal into the cells and acupressure points of your face, neck and shoulders. This will in turn, send harmonious clear energies into all the internal organs of your body, the fluids of your body, indeed, every cell, giving your body and whole energy field the opportunity to heal and re-balance itself.

This holistic treatment works with your whole body energy so that your general sense of well-being is enhanced too. Everyone has a unique facial signature of muscle development, formed by the way the features are animated and interact to produce facial expressions. Your facial signature plays a large part in how your face looks and the way it ages.  Maintaining your signature is the secret to staying sensual, sexy & youthful. This very relaxing facial  invites ‘Qi’ into the face and revitalises you to bring back your natural youthful signature.

NB: Some clients may experience a mild form of astral travel during this treatment.