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Let Go Of The Wounded Victim Role And Heal The Pain Of The Past for the best Future possible



After spending years on doing Tarot Readings, it feels good to throw away the Tarot cards. As part of my own spiritual growth I no longer rely on the cards but trusting the higher powers already within me to flow through the reading. I can certainly reveal your future by tapping into your current energies but why would you want that when you hold the pen to write your own story!

We all need mentors.  Such relationships are vital in life because it is through mentorships that we continue to learn and grow and become the BEST version of ourselves. In the process, we continue to develop our skills to serve as a mentor to someone else and continue the practice promoting growth.

You can bring to table whatever you like in strict confidence and there is absolutely NOTHING that does not have a solution and it all starts with YOU. I am not interested in your past no matter what you have suffered because you can only walk forwards not backwards because only today is the first day of the rest of your life. 

Life is not meant to be a struggle and no matter what you are going through always remember that tough times never last but tough people do. Let me reveal to you how you can manifest the best you can ever imagine and experience in all areas of your life. True wealth is not just about money but remembering what you have forgotten and that is you ARE the power that creates what is in your life.

A  reading myself will help you define who you truly are, what is it you really want and what is preventing you from getting what you want.  Your real eyes will 'realize' that ONLY YOU create your reality and your future in the present.

I will also assist you to make the most of your astrological and numerogical vibrations to create YOUR FUTURE in the NOW

My Readings will benefit you if you are ready to be the Captain of your own ship and the master of your Destiny.  

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it and sometimes it takes someone else to give you a different perspective in order that you can look at it differently. When this happens, energy is raised to a whole new level and amazing things start to happen.

My infinite spirit beckons me to stretch above and beyond of what people expect from readings. It asks that I become a sacred witness to you coming back home to yourself.

if you want to understand how with the flow of the universe/spirit to materialize your goals and transformation, then it is time to try something totally different. 

You will be amazed as you tap into your own future as you wish for something and it manifests in moments, hours, days or weeks. You do not require any belief system as the only thing that separates people is 'ATTITUDE' because you cannot escape the truth.