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Buy Richway Amethyst Biomat UK


Modern 7000MX BioMats are a 5th generation design that draws on twenty years of in-house research and development. The high temperature settings are similar to the effects of a sauna, except more relaxing because you can lie down, close your eyes, and tune out the whole world. We & thousands others can personally vouch that it is more  than just detoxification. It’s a profound and rejuvenating whole-body experience. But it’s not necessary to use the BioMat like a sauna every time. With the medium and lower temperature settings, you will experience a wholesome and gentle warmth that relieves pain, improves circulation, and speeds the healing of soft tissue.

We recommend the BioMat Professional when the goals of the treatment are whole-body in nature. But for local issues, such as back pain, the Mini Mat can often be a better choice, because of it’s increased portability, and the ability to use it easily on a chair or couch. In a perfect world, everyone would have both.

This BioMat offers all the benefits of a full-body treatment, while being easy to transport or store away. It’s designed to fit perfectly on a standard massage table, but can also be used on a bed or other surface.

The BioMat Pro includes these great accessories:

Hard-Shell Purple Travel Suitcase with Wheels
Fitted Cotton Cover (machine washable)
7000MX Control Box
12 Month Warranty
+ The 4th Treatment For Medical Refugees (eBook or Hard Copy Upon Request)


Dimensions: 27.5″x 73″x 1″

Weight: 25 lbs (without controller)

Temperature Range: 95F-158F / 35C-70C

Electric Consumption: 180W

Voltage: 120V AC (or 240V AC on request)

Natural Amethyst Crystal: 15.2 lbs  (tumbled into 3mm-5mm pieces)

Shipping Dimensions: 34″ x 21″ x 11″

Shipping Weight: 42 lbs


WARRANTY CERTIFICATE - 12 months from date of delivery.

DELIVERY- Please allow up to  10-14 working days excluding public holidays.

This product is brilliantly engineered to last a lifetime as long as it is treated with the care and respect it deserves.