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Reawaken the voice of your Soul & the wisdom of your Heart






30mins - £40 

60mins - £70




"Spiritual Growth is the only Real Growth"



Mind Body & Spirit's vision is that it is seen as representing all faiths,  spirituality's and modalities of the planet. We do not focus on one single spiritiual path but embrace & honour all paths to higher consciousness.


Founder of Mind Body & Spirit, I trained as a Counsellor over 20 years ago and over the years I have studied extensively in Metaphysics & Esoterics offering services in Tarot, Aura Readings, Crystal Healing, & Palmistry, Cord Cutting & Energy Clearance. I have also had business ventures in the legal profession that helped me to remain grounded till I decided to follow my true calling full-time to pursue my fervent desire to raise energy awareness whilst maintaining & nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within me.

I also do Aura Readings & Tarot Readings at PR events &  private parties which prove to be a hugh success.


I do not follow any particular faith as all faiths have one thing in common and that is we are looking for a connection to something greater than ourselves. Over the years I have been inspired by many beautiful teachings from around the world which have helped me to tap into my own source connect with the wisdom of my heart and the wisdom of others for the evolution of my soul.

Although constantly changing, one thing remains constant and that is my acceptance of the paradox of life. Like the Tarot, the paradox of the services I offer are that they are both a nondenominational and multidenominational system that can enhance and clarify your understanding of whatever religion or spiritual path you follow.


The only constant that exists is change and as my beliefs change so do my ethics.  Recently after much inner examination, moments of self-realization came when scouring the internet pages, newspapers & magazines,  I realised that like myself, there are thousands of Tarot readers and Mediums offering their services.  I started to question how this really helped people because many people go from Reader to Reader hoping the next one would tell them something different or validate what the previous reader said as most Tarot readings will reflect your own fears and desires.

The answer to my question came quickly enough to realise that such readings where I offered glimpses of future were not not  set in stone  as we experience conflicting choices and desire but this way of reading was no  longer in line with my Soul’s purpose and alignment. It is better to create your own prophecy favoured by the hand of fate than live by prediction.  


I am a clairvoyant and clairauidient and use my psychic gifts to read the cards which act as a powerful Tool to the subconscious mind.  People over the years have consulted spirits from the other side when they needed information about their lives. There is no doubt people receive much comfort from such readings but how much do such readings really help people make decisions that are right for them? If we want to grow and mature in our spiritual lives we need to learn to tap in our own higher power and no matter who you are, you possess this faculty. Instead of listening to spirits from afar why not learn to listen to your own spirit. Instead of being vowed by life after death, I would like to show you the way to a heart centred power which will not only help you heal but become your own Psychic.

I specialize in relationships because without relationships there is no life only existence. No matter what relationship reading you are after, it is really all about you as our relationships  will often reflect back what we need to see and the lessons we need to learn as the most important relationship in your life will be the one with your self.

The purpose of a spiritual tarot reading with me is to offer penetrating insight into any situation and assist you in becoming spiritually grounded & aware. The intention of every reading is to empower and assist you on your personal and spiritual journey with a non-judgemental & compassionate approach.

I use the Tarot as a path to self-discovery and to assist you to connect with the Divine in your own heart, the seat of all knowing. Furthermore, I will teach you tools and give you tips to access that place where you will know without knowing and listen to your Heart, Soul & Spirit for details of your destiny.

If you have a willingness to grow and mature in your spiritual life then then your soul may welcome this approach. With me you can and you will learn to tap into your own higher power and no matter who you are, you possess this faculty.

Instead of listening to spirits from afar why not learn to listen to your Spirit which is knocking on your door!

"What the heart knows the mind can't even imagine"

- Indira-




Fantastic, Relaxed experience, Trustoworty connections, positive experience, transformative. Vijay - June 2017

I loved it I recommend to everyone I will come again. Worth every penny. Kirna - May 2017

Thank you so much it has been very enlightening. Michelle June 2017

Very very good treatment the chakra balancing is amazing - Maria - 2017

Thank you so much. The healing really helped me to center myself and connect with source. Dominque - May 2017

Fantastic insight. I feel like so many clouds have dispersed. I always knew an angel was by my side. Thank you for your words of powerful wisdom. See you again!. Debbie - May 2017

Fantastic! Just amazing. Very Positive Experience (Chakra Balancing) Martha May - 2017

Thank you Indira. You have helped guide me. Letia May -2017

Reading has given me a lot of hope and clarity. Thank you. Rachel -May 2017

This reading was amazing, absolutely guiding, and refreshing. Raj - May 2017

Very good reading & guidance. Connected reall well. Felt uplifted after the reading. Thank you. Pree May 2017

Marvellous! Insightful & helpful. My heart is refreshingly light! Brenda - May 2017


Whilst I encourage face to face readings, I realise this is not always possible so I am intuitively offering email readings with you in mind and trust the information that comes through will be for your highest good. You are always welcome to ask questions in your email reading.


BUY NOW -  £50.00

<>After payment has been made, please add your full name and date of birth by emailing info@mindbodyspirit.org.uk. Readings by Email may take up to 12-24 hours depending on the availability of the Reader.



In accordance with new regulations, any reading purchased must be regarded as for entertainment purposes only. Please note a reading is for guidance and advice. It  speaks of energies, influences  and trends rather than a definite future. Let the signposts on the highway of life steer you in the right direction giving you the choices & potentials that are possible. It is disempowering to believe your future is fixed or fated as it could be easily be changed by the choices you make. A reading can assist you in making these choices. Please note that readings are for guidance only.Readings cannot be used as a substitute for any professional, legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice or guidance. You must also be aged 18 or over to purchase a reading online or in person.