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We welcome you to step inside our oasis of calm and tranquility from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, if only for a few moments to come back to the Here-and-Now.  Whether you are on the path to discover your own personal or spiritual path or whether you just want to experience bliss treatments, we offer a different range of products and services in the Healing Arts.

We do not promote any particular faith or religion but honour the Mind Body & Spirit which is universal to us all. Your mind will be curious, your body will be relaxed and your spirit will be inspired and lifted by our niche goods and services. 
Our wondrous store is energised by 1000's of  fine crystals and unique artefacts sourced from the world. Your senses will be captivated by warm & sensual notes for aromatic & enigmatic natural aromas & chill out sounds to stir your soul.
You will discover many products to help you to heal, nurture and elevate your soul to facilitate your own journey. We are constantly expanding and adding to our line of products, music, tools, and literature for those who are on the path to self-awareness & looking at natural ways to bring balance to your energetic system and come back home to yourself. 

We supply all variety of spiritual supplies - All sizes of Crystals and Minerals, Photo Orgone Genrators, Energy Generators, Sacred Geometry Crystals, Reiki Stones, Spell Work prducts, John the Conqueror and other 7 day candles, Aura Sprays, Gemstone Trees, Runestones, Crystal Jewellery, Gemstone Malas, Rudraksha Beads, Keyrings, Spiral Cages, Chakra Balancing Jewellery, Birth Stones, Dreamcatchers, Handmade Singing Bowls, Tingshas, Essential oils, Vibrational Oils, Bach Remedies, Spiritual statues,  Paraffin free candles, Luxury Soy Candles, Massage Oils, Negative Energy Cleansing supplies,  Natural White Sage, Dragon's Blood, Palo Santo, variety of Incense, Books on Mind Body & Spirit,  Range of Himalayan Rock Lamps, Amethyst Crystal Lamp and so much more...


We look forward to serving you in store with a friendly smile!

The perfect gift of health is bestowed  upon the receiver. Not only does it give you great relief from chronic pain relief, the Amethyst Crystal Biomat raises your vibration, back to balance to enhance your immune system and wellbeing, giving relief from the secondary symptoms of so many of today's diseases.

Dis-ease comes from a place when the body is imbalanced.