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According to the NHS, Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint. 
In the UK, more than 10 million people have arthritis or other, similar conditions that affect the joints.
Arthritis affects people of all ages, including children.


It includes over 100 different types of joint diseases.   The Richway Amethyst Biomat is a Health Canada and FDA Approved Medical Device that is effective for relieving arthritis pain. 
You deserve to have quality of life, doing the things you love.  The Biomat may be the perfect tool to help you regain you active lifestyle. You cannot put a price on good health and whilst there is no permanent cure for some conditions, the Amethyst Biomat can certainly help give you tremendous relief from secondary symptoms of many conditions including chronic pain relief.  
How Does the Biomat Relieve Arthritis Pain and Stiffness?

Deep Penetrating Heat

Different from a typical heating pad, the Biomat uses warm, soothing far infrared heat to relieve arthritic pain.  The far infrared rays provides relief deeper than creams or patches.  Plus there is no greasy residue or funny smell from steriods or creams. 

Increased Mobility

The relief from pain and stiffness that the infrared therapy brings, allows you to finally get back to enjoying life again, moving around more easily.

Increased Circulation

The gentle warmth of the Biomat increases your blood circulation.  Wherever you apply it, the increased blood flow will bring oxygen and nutrients, naturally reducing the inflammation in that area and supporting your body’s natural ability to heal.
Ways to use the Biomat for relief from arthritis pain and stiffness:-

Sit on it

The Mini Biomat is designed for you to sit on. You can sit on it while you are reading, watching TV, working on the computer, or even knitting or doing a crossword puzzle.  Pick your favourite chair, plug it in and turn it on.The Mini Biomat even comes with a handy strap that you can use to keep the top portion of the Biomat upright, so it doesn’t flop down when you stand up.  The strap works perfectly on an office chair.You’ll find relief with the areas that the Biomat is in contact with while you sit, even your knees!

Drive with it

With the proper adapter, you can also use the Biomat in the car. If you find long car rides difficult, you’ll love using the Biomat in the car.  The deep penetrating warmth will help you feel fabulous at the end of your journey, allowing you to do day trips and reconnect with friends and family, that are a long car ride away.

Wrap it around a stiff or painful areaMini BIomat wrapped around knee

Another benefit of the Mini Biomat is that it is larger enough to wrap around a painful area.
Most heating pads are so small, that it won’t fit all the way around a particular part of your body, or if it does, then it won’t stay in place.The Mini Biomat is small enough to easily adjust the positioning on your body, and large enough to cover a good size area like a leg, hip or arm.

Lie on it Biomat size guide

The Professional Size Biomat is the size of a massage table. It’s large format means that you can lay on it and get a full body therapeutic treatment.When you have several areas of your body that need attention, being able to lie down on the Biomat and not have to move a heating pad around every few minutes is a real time saver.  It also brings the pain relief your seeking to your whole body, not just parts of you.

Travel with it - Professional Biomat Travel Case

The Mini Biomat and Professional Biomat come with convenient travel cases, that can be checked on an airline. You still visit your favourite destinations and take your Biomat with you (note, special adapters will be required if you travel to countries with a different electrical voltage).
Note:  When using the Biomat, always consult with your health care practitioner to create a treatment plan that is appropriate for you.

Increased Circulation

The warmth from the Biomat far infrared rays increases your blood circulation. That brings more oxygen and nutrients to arthritic sites. It reduces inflammation and promotes the body’s natural healing process.

Increased Mobility

The Biomat®'s infrared therapy effectively reduces the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. The Biomat® relaxes your body and increases mobility, so you can take on the day.

Deep Penetrating Heat

The Biomat® provides warm infrared heat to areas affected by arthritis. Negative Ions and Infrared rays penetrate deep into the tissues of the body where no other forms of treatment can reach.