‘ Astrology is not a belief system, it is a Language of The Universe, if we can translate it we can talk with the Divine. ’ 


To be straight forward Astrology is no exception to the Law of Mirroring.

If we subscribe to this concept of  ‘One being a Mirror of the Other ‘ we can immediately see what Astrology is, in its naked core. Beautiful, precise, wonderful, Divine mirror.

Your Natal Chart is a frozen moment in time when you were born and holds the blue print of your entire life and its potentials. Your Chart possess such a depth that a self discovery through one’s Natal Chart is a life time journey.

In one session we can only really scratch a surface and navigate through the most dominant themes in your current life. Such a session is designed to take you deeper into the self awareness and empower you through taking ownership of who you are and what you truly desire. And support you with straightening your weaker points.

 ‘ If we can use this energies what the planets are offering in the right way, our entire relationship with life can change. ’


Astrology can help you to embrace yourself and embrace others as well by doing so.

And relationships are the life’s core, so there is really nothing more important.


SAMPLE ADULT NATAL CHART  - Understanding of self  

SAMPLE SOLAR RETURN  - Energy of the Year from Birthday to Birthday



We also offer overview of a Child’s Natal Chart designed for parents to support their children’s needs, wants desires. To know your Child better means to tune into them deeper and therefore create a profound bond from early stages.



Couple Astrology -  Romantic Relationship Chart exploring dynamics between two people heading to or exists in Partnership. What energies they individually bring to the table and what they create together. How they influencing each other and where are potential places to put more work into, bear challenges and triggers.

Invariably we attract people who express characteristics  that we have “disowned”. All of us would do well to pause and think about what angers or irritates us the most about our partners. Could it be that we are projecting these traits onto our mates, or that we have attracted a person with these traits in order to make up for the lack in our own personalities? If we are being honest with ourselves, our intimate relationships can be the most rewarding and revealing contributions towards our personal growth.