Aura Analysis


 "An Aura is the weathervane of the soul, for it shows which way the winds of destiny are blowing.”




NB: Please note the personal in-depth reading will include a 32 Page Report sent to you by email. The Reader will go thorugh the negative aspects of the Aura to reveal what you can do to bring the aura into balance. The reader will provide you with tools and tips that can instantly transform your aura should you feel out of balance plus how you can cleanse your aura and raise your energy field.







We call it your spiritual skin or your spiritual signature. You are an interesting and complex living being full of emotion, intelligence and spirit, and these qualities are reflected in your energy field, or Aura. An Aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (Human Energy Field-HEF) and every organism and object in the Universe.  Your Aura will change from time to time as the energy that surrounds you and radiates from your body is influenced and powered by your inner energy or by what is known as Chakras. The Chakras are your body’s subtle energy system.  Although they are often known by their colour and frequency of energy vibration, there is no hard and fast rule. The chakra colours will vary according to the state of your mind, emotions, health, & awareness, and of course your character as an individual.   You will have a basic colour which matches your personality and soul growth and your overall aura can remain the same unless you experience a subtle or dramatic change or shift in your energy field.


Up until now, only gifted clairvoyants/sensitive energy workers could see auras and now you can do the same. Thanks to 21st century modern technology, now you have the choice and ability to see your own Aura.  We are passionate about empowering, uplifting and inspiring people. We want to show you how you can help yourself by seeing your own Aura in order you can gain deeper personal insight into your emotional, mental and spiritual state.  Aura Imaging and photography is based on the combination of innovative 21st century technology & the tried and tested methods of global cultures for thousands of years.  This includes Kirlian photography, biofeedback measurements electronic acupuncture, as well as ongoing alternative healing methods like acupuncture, acupressure, Ayurveda, etc.


Just like our brain pulses and vibrates like everything in this universe, doctors EEG to measure its electrical activity, Aura imaging is used to measure our energy field when an electric current is induced via the Biofeedback sensor. Our thoughts, feelings, intentions and expectations are nothing else than waves of energy that vibrate at a certain energy level.

Our aura reading machine uses a hand sensor. A person would put their left  hand onto the hand sensor. This, in turn, would allow a particular product to measure physiological parameters. The hand sensor itself has various contact points on them designed to maximize reading accuracy. The hand sensor is also sensitive to deviations in temperature, humidity, and static electricity in the environment and the person, allowing for greater precision in data gathering. These data parameters are then projected as a radiant, colored aura field around the body on either an instant film photo or onto a computer monitor. In rapid time thereafter, a brilliant color photo or computer print out can be presented to the user to help them understand their own personal aura color interpretation.

In short, these kinds of technology can measure physical readings from a person’s hand. The aura camera or video device can then display this information as a colorful field around your body. The colors represent our interpretation of your spiritual and auric state.
Indira, the resident Reader will bring to your awareness the polarised aspects of the aura, i.e. the opposite energies to bring the aura into balance and will provide tips on how you can do this at your own leisure.  You will also be given a glimpse of energies coming into your future (3-6months)  so you can make the most of that cycle or change it if you prefer.


 Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else!

 When you have an Aura Imaging Session, you are presented with a unique view of yourself as you receive an extraordinary & striking Aura Photo which reveals information about your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life. It simply aids self-awareness.  You also have the option of an interactive experience where you may watch your energy shift and change before your eyes, as your thoughts shift. This experience allows you to see how connected and affected we are to our thoughts and feelings  There are no limitations to what you can achieve and if something is holding you back, know that you can have the extra-ordinary sense of self-awareness to understand your skills, physical limitations, desire and fears, strengths and weaknesses, personality traits.

How you see yourself is more important than how others see you!

One Aura Imaging session can change the way   Howyou see yourself and understand how others see you. Although your Aura can change depending on our state of mind and emotions, your base colours will remain in your aura unless you engage your mind and body to bring about a complete shift in your energy field.

 Powerful Self-help tool!

 An Aura photo is a powerful tool that will help you unlock the mystery to yourself, help you open up windows of opportunity once you realize where your true strengths lie. It will help you identify your strengths and abilities you have which you can capitalize on.  It will identify the energy that is leaving your body and potential future energy that is coming into your being. Equipped with this information, you can make informed choices and decisions about your life in the here and now.  It can be served as a break through as you begin to identify the roadblocks, and shatter all the obstacles that are holding you back. This is possible once you understand your energy field and how you create it.

 Information is power!

Information is only power when you know how to use it correctly. The master key to success is totally understand the subject. The better you understand something, the better you’ll succeed at it—whether it is business, relationships, finances, sports, or whatever life throws at you.  With an Aura Session the subject is YOU.  You may win the lottery tomorrow but for a long lasting rich, rewarding and well-balanced life, there is nothing more important than understanding & accepting yourself towards self-mastery.


  • Enhanced wellness as you release emotional blockages that may be affecting your health
  • Inner Peace & inner sense of security as you learn to take responsibility for your life
  • Stronger relationships & improved intimacy
  • Greater acceptance of situations that are beyond your control
  • A rise in motivation to succeed once you tap into your unrecognized energies just waiting to be unleashed
  • Less fear, frustration, and barriers as you identify with your own energy
  • Increased openness & communication with others
  • Improved sensitivity towards others


Absolutely NO, There is no such thing as a bad Aura! Nor are there any bad colours. Each colour can teach you something useful about yourself and in their pure state all colours are good and useful.   Remember no Aura is permanently the same and like everything else in life, where there is movement, there is change.


RED: Passion, very active, (deep red) over active, (dull red) burned out, ( bright red) sexy/horny, leadership, love of sports, challenge, courage, practical, desire for possessions, sense of adventure, and a survival instinct. Most children have bright red auras - especially males. They are very active and 'on the go'. Reds like a challenge, is a force of will, hard workers, like to achieve results and success. They do not punch a time clock, and work till they drop.

 ORANGE: Creativity, confidence, ambition, originality, sociability, openness, intuition, independence, expression, ability to solve problems and work without supervision. Many talented sales people, entrepreneurs and people who deal with the public have orange auras. Think while they act. They enjoy their sexuality. They love adventure, excitement and intrigue, and often will have multiple partners. They are independent and not emotionally needy. Oranges love to get organized!

YELLOW: Spontaneous, intellect, happy, and cheerful. A sense of humour, confident, optimistic, with a warm smile is typical. People with yellow auras have the ability to brighten the lives of those around them. Yellows bring warmth, originality and exhilaration they usually are playful, fun loving, humorous, and somewhat childlike. They pay attention to details, organization and are disciplined!

GREEN: Healing, teaching, caring, high self-esteem, tenacity, money, harmony, balance, and growth.
A rich dark green is abundance, prosperity and wealth. Greens (bright) are driven to be successful and often own their own business, are goal-oriented and make lists (check them off as they complete a goal). Greens need to be in control. Family matters and parenting are important to them. Medical professionals and people involved in the healing arts of any kind often have greens strongly in their auras.
BLUE: Communication, loyalty, good listener, contentment, peaceful, caretaker, calmness, patience, sensitive, honest, empathic, generous, warm-hearted, and often times spiritual. Blue indicates a depth of feeling; love, truth, trust, dedication, tranquility, tenderness and affection.  Blues cannot think of sex unless they are in love. Blues convey wisdom, and are reliable. A good talker!
VIOLET Spiritual, mystical, looks for magical solutions, visionaries, always see the big picture, search for the truth, questioning, take everything at face value, tends to be intuitive, and unconventional.  People with a lot of violet (purple) in their Aura field tend to live in a world of fantasy and love to daydream. Things come to them without pushing, what they want and need come to them as if by unexplained. They do not have to push to get what they want.
WHITE: Highly motivated, bright, ability to see 'the big picture', a chameleon, money is not always the object of their lives, great wisdom. Whites are avid readers and enjoy television, movies, and the theatre (the main source of social learning for them). White have become the chameleons of the spectrum, assimilating other colours into their aura in order to hide or protect them. Often white (if there is a double white in the photo) echo a spirit that is around the person.
MAGENTA: Nonconformists, innovated, strong-willed, inventive, imaginative, artistic, resourceful, productive, creative and has an agile mind. Magenta's are bright and determined about things they regard as important. They are great manipulators as well as actors. Magenta's tap dance to their own tune!
LAVENDER: Gentle, free spirited people who have a very active and colorful imagination. They are creative, compassionate, sensitive by nature and overall an inspiration to others based upon their ability to unconditionally love and respect all of humanity.
INDIGO: Intuitive, observant, aware, open-minded, liberal, tolerant, charitable, shrewd, perceptive, and leadership capabilities. It represents intuitive understanding, serious, use their imagination, inspiration, creativity, and are humanitarians. Indigoes also have healing ability, and are gentle, and compassionate.
AQUA: A need to be recognized, sensitive, vulnerable, responsive, stress and anxiety.
Aqua above the head means music plays an important part in their life.
BLACK: A protective cloak shielding themselves from outside energies and keeping thems
elves centered or focused while putting matters in the proper perspective. Focus.