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Want to add a feeling of mystique to your next event then you have come to the right place.  This is what we do best because it is simply our passion. 

We will charm, captivate and enthrall your guests and promise to make all the difference to your event with intuitively & insightful readings.

Hiring one or more of our services at your event is unique, fun, innovative and creative. We believe that fun & light heartedness should always be part of any event no matter what the theme is. Hire any of our services, we can surely predict the forecast for a successful & memorable event is almost guaranteed. 

Our hearts are delighted at the prospect of working with you so we know you will want to take the first step.

We are already excited at the prospect of working with you!



Aura Photography - 

Our most popular service. Everyone wants to know what the colour of their aura by using Kirlian Photography to give accurate Readings.

Psychic Dowsing 

The use of Pendulum to answer any questions?


Reading using Tarot/Oracle cards used to predict the past, present & future


Able to pick up impressions, visions, thoughts or events relating to someone by holding to a personal object like jeweller, watch or photograph

Crystal Ball 

See images for the future by looking into a crystal ball or a shiny object 


Reveals personality, destiny & path one has chosen over destiny 


The study of the movements and relative positions of the planets interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.


 Revealing your life path number and traits at birth and guides your life's journey or path


We are extremely fortunate to work with simply the best and gifted team who are well spoken and possess excellent communication skills and a spirit of playfulness.

With over 35 years of experience between us, we deliver readings in such a way that the guest feels safe and respected in our presence. We are accustomed to dealing with people from all walks of life in a professional and reliable manner whilst maintaining the light-hearted theme of the event.