You get a Report in PDF format by email. The information provided is taking your name at birth and date of birth. Please see sample report referred to below.


Have you noticed the same sort of numbers keep on appearing in your life over and over again.  Laws of the universe influence everything around us. Everything that was made is related to numbers. For instance, sunflower seeds can generate the logarithmic spiral pattern, and all florets make the golden angle. Look at the surrounding world, observe the forms of leaves in the tree, see how branches grow, and note the distance between them. Do you know it depends on Fibonacci numbers? There are many other facts showing us incredible things. Numerology opens the hidden meaning of numbers for us.

Numerology is a metaphysical science, based on relationships between numbers and coinciding events. It was introduced more than a thousand years ago by famous philosophers. Numerology was always treated with great respect. Every number has a specific nature that creates certain vibrations, which handle patterns in life. It is wrong to divide the numbers into "lucky" and "unlucky", but some numbers may not suit the person. It brings incongruity, and the person who follows the wrong direction may makes him or her unhappy.

Although numerology isn't exact science, it is an invaluable tool that will help to reveal your talents and hidden potential. When we know of our abilities and can use our advantages to our benefit, we can achieve more in this life. Numerology also helps us to make right decisions. Our strengths make us powerful when we consciously use them.


You can choose for the main Report which will reveal the following elements. In addition you also have the option to find out the numbers, days, colours and gemstone best suited TO YOU taking your name and date of birth into consideration.



Life Path number refers to your destiny, the strength and peculiarities of your character, possible obstacles you can face, and weaknesses you possess. This number tells the journey of your life coded in your birth date from the moment you came into this world. Life Path number includes characteristics of your life gifted by the universe from the moment you were born. It demonstrates the skills you need to develop to succeed, as they were intended especially for you. Your Life Path number emphasizes the difficulties you will have to make away with. Also, it points out the opportunities that need your attention. If the person simply listens to the Life Path number, life can be changed for the better, as the universe favours those who follow the destined road.


The birth of an individual is a real wonder that happens every day. They say that 'every person is unique' - it is true, and Numerology knows it for sure. There will be no other moment like this. A birthday Number represents the traits, area of specialization or skills you need to develop, and you will succeed if you connect your life with it. Every day of the month has unique characteristics assigned to people born under each of those days. It doesn't mean a person has no other option except to develop them., however, the journey through life will be much easier if the individual makes advances in something one has a propensity towards. Your birthday number can reveal your positive and negative inborn characteristics.

You need to know your birthday number because it can do the work of a compass in guiding you through life. You do not only get to know your positive and negative traits; you get to see what you could be like and the easiest ways to get the best out of life.

The life of everyone is saturated with events and opportunities, and it is up to us which one to choose. Sometimes, it is better to avoid changes or make another decision, as the opportunity can be disguised and may lead to a regretful mistake in the future. Life Path number reflects the heavenly design, represented in the language of numbers. It is meant for people to use as a hint for a prosperous life.


The Minor Expression number is like the Expression number in the sense that both concern a person's talents and destiny. However, the difference is that the Minor Expression number is calculated by using the letters of your nickname (or short name) to figure out the final number. This can be significant because most people refer to others by their nicknames, rather than their long names. Plus, a nickname might have different letters than a full name does. This will create different values for the letters of the name and ultimately change the final number and its meaning. Just remember the Minor Expression number doesn't fully influence your future, but it fills in the gaps left behind by the Destiny/Expression number.

Even though it seems to address minor parts of life, it is equally vital in making any decision that is momentary and sometimes life altering. You may need to pay attention to this because some of the most important decision and events of your life are decided by what is termed as minor moments. The greatest influences you have are sometimes very subtle and are the products of several small influences and decisions.
Ones want to make their own choices about their future, without being influenced by anyone else. Ones are self-sufficient and self-disciplined enough to make their dreams happen with no one else getting in the way. As a boss or manager, ones see themselves as the driving force behind any team or workplace they are in charge of. In a competitive environment, ones will thrive against everyone else trying to outdo them. Ones truly believe no one else can guide a team as well as they can. Ones are so passionate about their own beliefs and ideas that other people cannot help but listen to them. This comes in handy when having to make tough decisions that others with power might frown upon.


The Minor Heart's Desire (Minor Soul Urge) number represents the most significant and essential strivings coded in your name. To find your Minor Heart's Desire number, use the usual form of your name, not the full first name at birth, just the one you use in everyday life.

The Minor Heart's Desire number expands the meaning of the Heart's Desire number, providing deeper and more accurate characteristics to your dominant traits reflected by both numbers. Your full version of your name conceals all the desires in life, while the short form of your name underlines the most important wishes. Some are subconscious and need to be figured out; some are deliberate and well-known to you. Compared to the filters in a web-search, the Minor Heart's Desire Number sorts out your desires by their importance and helps you to figure out their scale of preference. This figure will not only show you what you want most; it will give you the opportunity to come out of your hiding place and embrace your true nature expressed in your wishes.

This number also gives you the opportunity to remove all the limitations you have set for yourself or that has been forced on you due to your experiences and what you have seen around you. It is one of those numbers that unleash your potential. So, you can figure out if you are on the right path in your search for meaning and purpose.


This number is special in Numerology, as it represents the peak of a person's development, the golden period when everything one wants is achievable, and no misconceptions are left. When we are young, we see so many opportunities, and we can't choose one, or we don't have enough resources to come close to what we like to do and whom to become. The maturity number tells a story of you in your period from 30 to 40 years when your personality is fully grown, and the storm of the maximalist inside of you calmed down. Everything you wish in life is clear, and you experience the culmination of your personality.

Maturity number reflects the person you are by this time and your values, ambitions, and primary aims. Often, people read the meaning of their Maturity number in their 20s and are surprised or even shocked, as they are not even half the person described there. However, the traits described manifest themselves later. This number emphasizes the person you need to be and points out the negative characteristics to avoid. To find a goal, mission, and reference point in life, this number is there to help you.

Your maturity number is one of the best compasses with which you can plan your entire life. It helps you to develop hope and to sustain inspiration in the face of any current circumstance. With this number, you look forward to life with hope, courage, and expectations of a great life.


This is a special number that reflects on your thinking style and decision-making patterns. Of course, it is not one of those numbers that shows your path or your subconscious self, but it shows the mechanism of your thinking process. Basically, it says a lot about your ability to act in stressful situations. It demonstrates the quality of solutions you find and types of choices you are prone to.

Many people can't say for sure which style of thinking they have because it is pretty hard to adequately estimate yourself. This reading will help you understand the group of thinkers you belong to. Also, it may be profitable to find the Rational Thought number of your business partner or a person you are interested in. You can elaborate strategies of communication based on the thinking style of those people.


It is a common practice in Numerology to analyse the date of birth, the name, and the last name, calculate and manipulate numbers, digits, and even letters. We got used to the fact that every number has its place, meaning, and it is never random, as in Numerology, every position and number is intended. Karmic Lessons number is one of those numbers when the lack of presence of the numbers says something. Instead, the absence of numbers from 1 to 9 in your name determines the weak spots in you.

Karmic Lessons are called 'lessons' for a reason. The person with some numbers missing is supposed to defeat those karmic weaknesses that are the legacy from your previous reincarnation and learn the lesson this way.

With the aid of Karmic lesson number knowledge, you can see your weaknesses and work hard to minimize them before they affect crucial parts of your life. The Karmic Lesson number also helps you to accept your weaknesses and get comfortable with them. They help you understand we all have weaknesses and knowing how to deal with them is what separates the great from the others.


Everybody has a certain style of behaviour when something negative happens. Some become desperate and give in, and others fall into a rage. Balance numbers come to us in times of trouble. They show us the proper behaviour to solve the problem as easily as possible and not hurt the people around us. We often lose control and make emotional decisions or say words that lead to unwanted consequences. If you want to find out how to avoid the escalation of the problem or how to fix a situation when it has already emerged, balance numbers have a lot to offer.

This number if often neglected because people don't like to think about problems until they face them, but it is really helpful for people who get into trouble often and want to find a reason for it and change it. Balance numbers bring harmony to the unbalanced condition of your soul.


We all possess certain traits that characterize us more than others: the skills we can be defined by, our favourite activities, and the hobbies we are passionate about. Hidden Passion numbers identify these traits and emphasize those characteristics that are indispensable in the sphere of our passion. If you want to find out which characteristics drive you or find the right approach to another person, take a look at Hidden Passion numbers' meanings. They show the nature of person's passion, explain striving in life, and demonstrate activities that bring the highest level of self-realization and pleasure to a person.


Most people in this life face obstacles from time to time. Even though we know which steps we need to undertake, we often fail to cope with them emotionally. A lot of people blame themselves for the problems that occur in their lives, and the emotional reaction is so strong that the problem itself seems not so big. However, most of us forget our strengths and advantages that can and must be used in situations where we need to protect ourselves or prove somebody wrong. Your Subconscious Self or Subconscious Confidence number is meant to help you emphasize those traits in you that are your keys to overcoming obstacles. These characteristics will sometimes help you solve only part of the problem, sometimes help you go through everything calmly, and sometimes be your main tool for getting rid of troubles. This number shows the characteristics that you need to develop to react to sudden troubles of any kind.


Every person has a deep and complicated construction of the inner world. Most often, some part of us is more visible than the others. In different situations, we let a side of our personality show. Planes of Expression show each major characteristic of our nature, creating a whole and detailed picture of who we are. There are four planes of expression: emotional, mental, physical, and intuitive. These characteristics show the type of influence this letter has on the plane to which it belongs. The planes show the most influential parts of our personality. Also, with the planes of expression, we know how to harmonize any imbalance we suffer from to make our lives happier.

Depending on your personality traits, you may have one plane that prevails, as you rely on this set of characteristics in your life more often or more intensely than the others.

Mental plane reflects on which type of thinking we have and how thoroughly we plan our actions.

Physical plane reflects the way we handle our power.

Emotional Plane of Expression shows the emotional image of you.

Intuitive Plane of Expression shows your inner world, your inspiration, and your level of balance. It is a spiritual indicator of your wellbeing.


Age span for life cycles 0-28-37-46-E

One's life can be compared to a huge river that changes its course, has different powers of streams, and has many curves. We also develop and change our direction throughout our lifetime. In numerology, we have a special term for periods of progress and development in life - Pinnacle Cycles. There are four Pinnacle periods in one's life. Each represents a certain level of maturity, responsibility, and comprehension in life. Pinnacle cycles are quite long-term, but it is important to be prepared at the start of each cycle because it will bring new events, people, possibilities, and general changes in your life. It is better to be prepared for sudden changes.


Challenge Numbers show us which massive problems we are going to face and how should we behave to overcome them. Every person's life is destined to have different events. Each event starts a chain reaction leading to different consequences. Some of the problems that happen on our path should not be considered like this; instead, let's call them challenges made to start our own chain reactions. Challenges are meant to teach us, make us more experienced in life, and push us to open new traits of our characters. The Challenge Numbers show the tasks we need to solve and the characteristics we need to develop in a particular period of our lifetimes.


Life Path \ Expression Bridge number crushes the pink glasses and opens the eyes on the essence of the person. We all think about who we really are. We have ambitions and inspirations that tell us who we need to become. Often, we are torn between the person we think we are and our real self that stays hidden. Life Path \ Expression Bridge Number helps people to get self-acceptance and the right direction in life. It is a metaphorical bridge between your real self and the reputation of yourself you've created and think to be true. When you step on the bridge, you move towards revealing who you are.


We have a certain opinion about ourselves and about other people. We rarely think our image of people differs from their perception of how they look and conduct themselves. Have you ever wondered why one action from one person leads to different reactions in you and this person? The answer is in Heart's Desire \ Personality Bridge Number. It shows the truth in the middle. It is a bridge that connects your view of yourself and the image reflected in the mirror of people's eyes.


Each year of our lives brings changes whether we like it or not. Even after a year that seemed to be calm and even boring, we can't say that nothing happened because many events changed our lives little by little, and they made us the people we are today. If you want to know which changes are about to happen next year, the Personal Year number can get you what you need. It tells you what to expect from the upcoming year, what you should be ready for, what changes may happen, and how to behave to live a better life this year. The influence of the personal year begins in January and ends in December. A peak period equal to 3 months takes place at the end of each year.



Numerology is an old and respected system of divination. It is often but not always 100% accurate.

The readings and interpretations are always ancillary to individuals' beliefs and their power to choose  who they are now and will become.

We hope you enjoy the Report and see what insights you find, but please remember that no information received from any method of divination is flawless. 

All content on this web site and all interactions with this web site are for amusement and entertainment. No content or interactions or interpretations are to be seen as instructions or as suggestions or to be taken seriously. Your life is your choice.