WITH ALTAIR   

                              ' Anything is possible if we decide to bend our realities with our Divine Will. '  




 I come from a life long personal relationship with the Universe and Ancestry line full of Spiritually gifted people. Since I was a child I looked upon the Stars and I wished to understand them and bring some of their magic closer to people.

After a very long and hard journey I am here, empowered by wonderful people ready to empower you on your way.


 Our Natal Chart is our Soul’s incarnation imprint. Mirror of what we have embodied in a moment of our individual birth. How we started and where we are going. Progressive Chart is a mirror of those movements whom shows how we’re developing from within. And major planetary transits brings us deeper understanding of life events and can help us foreseen things for the future and many other wonderful things. One of my favorite things to do for myself and my clients is Solar Return – Chart is casted from your most recent Bday to the next one, showing the main themes and drive for this year. We are much more than a Zodiac Sign description you can read somewhere online and I love to dive deep with people to their life paths and Soul’s Purpose ~ Thanks to Astrology I learned that people live their lives in perfection with their higher alignment and there are truly no mistakes.


I got my first Tarot Cards when I was eighteen and shortly after I started to read cards for people online.

It did it for fun but didn’t take long and my mail box was full of people wanting their own Tarot reading and the rest is history. I see Tarot as a powerful set of cards whom are mirroring the soul current state – The way how we exist at present with the perception of past and future. With every new insight we create a new though and with a new thoughts we can bend the reality we are living in. Tarot is great detailed asset to Astrology and combining these two together is powerful tool for self exploration and self expansion. They belong together by nature I feel I can’t do otherwise.

My favorite way to consult Cards is to let them show to me and my client what needs to be revealed at the present time. I learned that to be receptive is the best way to come for a reading. Because in that moment we are open to messages and insight instead of a drive to control situations or outcomes. Things moves when we give up our resistance to where we are NOW.

There is no denying that astrology and tarot are very much linked. Both philosophies consult the astral world for guidance to give an indepth reading for your highest good.