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Yes, you can buy cheaper from USA but you have the hassle of delays and import duties to sort out. If anything goes wrong then there is the added stress of sending it back to USA.  In our price strcuture, you are paying for exceptional customer service, immediate responses and as much help we can give to you with your journey when you make the best investment for your health.  In our opinion, it is better than health insurance as prevention is better than cure, especially when there is no cure for some conditions. 

When it arrives in the UK, we ensure all import duties and taxes are paid by us, arrange for delivery to us so we can test it  for quality control to enusre it is in perfect working order and arrange next day courier delivery (same day for London).

We believe the model 7000MX is the best value for money out of all the Richway Biomat products. However, if you wish to purchase any other size that is your choice.

This model comes with a UK adaptor ready to use. 

After purchase, we will also email you PDF files for your desktop for your convenience as a extra bonus.



Modern 7000MX BioMats are a 5th generation design that draws on twenty years of in-house research and development. The high temperature settings are similar to the effects of a sauna, except more relaxing because you can lie down, close your eyes, and tune out the whole world. We & thousands others can personally vouch that it is more  than just detoxification. It’s a profound and rejuvenating whole-body experience. But it’s not necessary to use the BioMat like a sauna every time. With the medium and lower temperature settings, you will experience a wholesome and gentle warmth that relieves pain, improves circulation, and speeds the healing of soft tissue.

We recommend the BioMat Professional when the goals of the treatment are whole-body in nature. But for local issues, such as back pain, the Mini Mat can often be a better choice, because of it’s increased portability, and the ability to use it easily on a chair or couch. In a perfect world, everyone would have both.

This BioMat offers all the benefits of a full-body treatment, while being easy to transport or store away. It’s designed to fit perfectly on a standard massage table, but can also be used on a bed or other surface.

The BioMat Pro includes these great accessories:

Hard-Shell Purple Travel Suitcase with Wheels

Fitted Cotton Cover (machine washable)
7000MX Control & UK Adaptor
12 Month Warranty
+ The 4th Treatment For Medical Refugees (eBook or Hard Copy Upon Request)



Dimensions: 27.5″x 73″x 1″

Weight: 25 lbs (without controller)

Temperature Range: 95F-158F / 35C-70C

Electric Consumption: 180W

Voltage: 120V AC (or 240V AC on request)

Natural Amethyst Crystal: 15.2 lbs  (tumbled into 3mm-5mm pieces)

Shipping Dimensions: 34″ x 21″ x 11″

Shipping Weight: 42 lbs

WARRANTY CERTIFICATE - 12 months from date of delivery.

PRICE £1950 + £60 (Testing, Shipping & Handling)


The Richway Single Size Amethyst BioMat 7000MX is essentially a larger version of the Biomat Professional. It has the same controller, same range of temperatures, same internal layers, same design, and same materials.  The only significant difference is the size – the Single BioMat is 12 inches wider and 4 inches longer than the Professional BioMat.

It does have a larger viewing-window to see the amethyst crystals, but this is just a cosmetic difference.  The professional size also has rows of crystals running all the way across it’s surface; they are just obscured by the outer fabric material.

In most cases, we recommend the Professional Size over the Single Size, simply because it can give the same treatment, it is more portable, and it has a lower cost.  However, there are some cases where the Single-Size might be preferable.

Even though the Professional size can do a full-body treatment, your arms do need to be at your sides in order for them to be over the mat.  If you want more space to really stretch out while using it, or if you are very tall, these could be good reasons to look for the extra size.  The Single-Size might also be a good option if the plan is to sleep overnight on it, and the extra space is desired.  For overnight usage, we highly recommend the quantum energy pad accessory.

The Single-Size BioMat includes these accessories:
Zipper Storage Bag
Fitted Cotton Cover (machine washable)
7000MX Control Box
+ 4th Treatment For Medical Refugees (Hard Copy or eBook Upon Request)


Dimensions: 78" x 40"

Weight: 40 lbs (without controller)

Temperature Range: 95F-158F / 35C-70C

Electric Consumption: 180W

Voltage: 120V AC (or 240V AC on request)

Natural Amethyst Crystal: 22.5 lbs  (tumbled into 5mm-12mm pieces)

Shipping Dimensions: 43″ x 22″ x 11″

Shipping Weight: 45 lbs

WARRANTY CERTIFICATE - 12 months from date of delivery.

SHIPPING & DELIVERY- Please allow up to 21 working days.

PRICE £2250.00 + £60 DELIVERY


The Richway Mini BioMat 7000MX is a smaller version of the Amethyst Biomat Professiona. It has the same rugged design and materials, the same functions, and the same range of temperatures. The two sizes are equally popular, and a lot of people own both. You can use both at the same time for a “sandwich treatment.” However, the Mini-Mat is quite amazing as a stand-alone device, and this is how most people use it.

The Mini BioMat measures 33 inches long and 20 inches wide. The only internal difference is that it contains alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline stones, whereas the BioMat Pro uses amethyst in all the rows. Tourmaline is also a natural crystal with healing properties, and in our opinion, the infrared light produced by each mat feels approximately the same. However, some people describe the Mini-Mat as producing a slightly more energizing effect, and the BioMat Pro as producing a slightly more calming effect.

It is hard to express in words the level of craftsmanship that goes into these products, but once you are able to look and feel one of them, it becomes clear. Even aside from the BioMat itself, the included 3 year warranty and suite of accessories are far and above the best on the market:


Dimensions: 33.5″x19.5″x1″

Weight: 8lb (without controller)

Temperature Range: 103F-158F / 40C-70C

Electric Consumption: 100W

Voltage: 120V AC  (or 240V AC upon request)

Natural Amethyst Crystal: 2.6 lbs (tumbled into 3mm-5mm pieces)

Natural Tourmaline Crystal: 2.6 lbs (tumbled into 3mm-5mm pieces)

Shipping Dimensions: 22.5″x19″x6″

Shipping Weight: 15lbs

WARRANTY CERTIFICATE - 12 months from date of delivery.

SHIPPING & DELIVERY- Please allow up to 21 working days.

£850.00 + £30 DELIVERY


SIZE 74" x 28"

The Quantum Energy Pad is a bedding solution developed by Richway. It is an accessory to the BioMat, but it can be used as a stand-alone device. It is made from natural, environmentally-friendly materials, including peach and grape seed extracts.

We recommend this pad for anyone who plans to sleep on the BioMat, especially for people who sleep on their side. It provides support using a natural Bio-Clay Memory Foam, rather than with standard memory foam. This foam reduces pressure points and distributes weight more evenly, for a much softer sleeping surface. It produces the comfort of memory foam without the off-gassing and other unpleasantries of memory foam. Even more importantly, air and infrared light can pass freely through the Bio-Clay Foam, unlike standard memory foam, which is very dense and heavy.

The Quantum Pad is also enormously better than the snugfleece wool cover that is sometimes paired with the BioMat. Snugfleece covers do have a soft texture, but there is no mechanism to redistribute weight or deal with pressure points. So as it turns out, they do not help very much for sleeping purposes.

The Quantum Pad is not necessary for daytime “burst” treatments on the BioMat, or for use in a professional setting. For these shorter treatments, the BioMat is very comfortable.  You can accomplish more, in a short span of time, by using the normal quilted cotton cover on top of the BioMat.  (The cotton cover does not need to be purchased separately, it is included with the BioMat).

The Quantum Pad is more than one inch thick, although it does compress. It is extremely lightweight and permeable, which helps with infrared and negative ion transmission. But still, it is a compromise. If you are a side sleeper, or if you prefer a softer sleeping surface, the trade-off is very acceptable, since you are getting infrared and negative ion treatment for so many hours.

The outer portion of the Quantum pad can be removed and machine washed.

It has a 6 Layer Structure:

Microfiber Fabric Cover
Microfiber Layer
Quantum Energy Layer
Liquid Tourmaline Layer
Bio-Clay Foam Layer (20mm)
3D Mesh Cover (3mm)


The Quantum Energy Pad 

Zipper Travel Bag

WARRANTY CERTIFICATE - 12 months from date of delivery.

SHIPPING & DELIVERY- Please allow up to 21 working days.


£600 + £30 DELIVERY 


The Bio Belt is a new and popular addition to the BioMat product line. Because of it’s smaller size and velcro belt, it is the most versatile BioMat, and can be used on many parts of the body that are harder to reach with the larger mats. It works great in combination with the larger mats as well.

The active portion measures 8″x18″ and functions just like the larger BioMats, using hot crystals to emit far infrared light.  It can be slipped into the velcro belt, or used on it’s own. The regular length velcro belt fits all sizes up to 55″, and the XL velcro belt fits sizes up to 63″.

Use the Bio Belt…

*On the abdominal area to aid digestion and reduce abdominal fat
*On targeted areas to relieve joint pain or speed tissue repair.
*In combination with the BioMat for a synergistic effect.

Can it really reduce belly fat?

The Bio Belt is particularly useful on the abdominal area.  The warmth directly speeds up digestive enzymes, which produces a cascade of other effects. Digestion and metabolism are improved, and serotonin levels increase, leading to satiety and reduction of appetite.

Although more controversial, there is a theory that the body produces belly fat in order to protect the digestive system from heat loss, precisely because temperature is so crucial to digestion.  If this is true, then over a a longer period of time, the Bio-Belt would also reverse this pattern.

Placing the Jewelry Belt around the waist pleasantly warms the whole body. And it is easy to use while sitting in your office chair, watching TV, or working on the computer.

It uses eight types of semi precious stones: Amethyst, Green Jade, Black Tourmaline, Topaz, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Elvan and Quartz.

The Bio Belt comes in a standard belt length of up to 55″ or a longer version which can accommodate up to 63″.

The BioBelt 7000MX includes these accessories:

7000MX Controller

WARRANTY CERTIFICATE - 12 months from date of delivery.

SHIPPING & DELIVERY- Please allow up to 21 working days.




Richway BioMats are designed to be used with a fitted cotton cover at all times. Without the cover, the BioMat actually does not function properly. The main purpose of the cover is to insulate the crystals. This lowers conductive heat transfer, and maximizes infrared heat transfer.

The cotton covers also serve an important secondary function – they protect the BioMat from sweat, oils, and dirt. They are machine washable and dry-able, unlike the BioMat itself.

However, most people do not need to order an extra cotton cover, because the BioMat already includes a fitted cotton cover. But it can be useful to have an extra, so that one cover can be in the laundry while the other is in use.