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Auralite 23

Auralite Or Auralite 23 is considered the “stone of peace and tranquility”. Rich in (now what is believed to be) 35 elements making up 17 different minerals, it therefore, can engage all 7 major Chakras as well as, the minor Chakra above the head and below the feet. Bringing about heightened awareness, this stone makes us conscious of how quiet and calm our mind can be, when we let go and allow this to happen. Its multi-layered mineral pattern makes these stones powerful synergism of different energies and a strong emotional healer. I have even heard this stone nicknamed the “soul healer”. It is also sold under the name of Auralite Amethyst or the Kindred Spirit Stone. Placed within range of the aura, it can disperse unwanted thought patterns, unnecessary worry, regret and negative energies that affect us emotionally.

When placed along the lower spine or Root Chakra, this stone awakens and opens our kundalini energies, allowing it to rise to the Crown in order to release a burst of “serpent-like” power, awareness and understanding. This brings balance to both sides of the nadis. One’s life force is said to travel throughout the body in energetic pathways called “nadis”. Where the nadis intersect, they form a “Chakra”. Often used as a spiritual healing tool, Auralite ignites the Third Eye increasing our psychic capacity, engaging better sensitivity and providing the spark of intuition to see into a higher plane of consciousness. It “opens the eye” to insightful truth and visions. Use this stone to connect with angels and spirit guides, assisting with astral travel as well as, lucid dreaming. Use this stone to generate a peaceful, meditative state.

Auralite 23 (Si, O, Fe and S) is mainly a constitution of Chevron amethyst and hematite. It comes from the Boreal Forest in Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It is believed to be the crash site of several meteorites containing rare metallic ores, which hit the Earth during the Meso-proterozoic age. Over time, these rare metallic ores dissolved, leeching into the earth creating what is now known as auralite. When the stone was recently discovered, it was believed to contain 23 minerals within.