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Your Future in a Coffee Cup - The Art Of Divining With Coffee Grounds Hardcover – 1 April 2007 by Sahar Huneidi




Coffee-cup divining is fast becoming as popular as reading tea leaves, and it's easy to see why. At Sahar Huneidi's over-subscribed coffee-reading workshops, people gather in her favourite coffee house to chat, sip coffee and then peer into their cups! The coffee grounds cling to the inside of the cup to form amazing patterns and shapes that can be read to predict many aspects of your future - and it's uncannily accurate. The best coffee to use is Turkish or Greek because it sticks to the cup so well (and it's delicious), but you can also read the grounds from a cappuccino or espresso. Follow Sahar's instructions to make a perfect cup of coffee in the cup and saucer provided. Drink it slowly, savouring its rich flavours, and relax. Leaving the thick residue in the bottom, place the saucer over the cup, shake the cup gently and turn them both over together. Remove the saucer over a tissue to catch any drips, then turn the cup upright. Now you can gaze into your future! Sahar takes you through the principles of reading around the cup and identifying and interpreting the patterns. It's useful to jot down your thoughts as you go. With a little practice you will soon sharpen your intuitive skills, and be confident enough to delight your friends with your incredible psychic powers. Your coffee mornings will never be the same again!