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African Jade is a variety of Glossularite Garnet, which is Calcium Aluminum Silicate. African Jade name is associated with the location that this gemstone is mined from, which is South Africa. It is found only in this location (Barberton area) and there are no other known resources worldwide today. Quite commonly African Jade is referred to as Buddstone, Budstone or South African Jade.


Even though one of the names of Buddstone is Jade, it actually has very little relation with other varieties of Jade. African Jade can be best described as Metamorphic rock, because it consists of various different minerals. Beautiful green color of this gemstone is a result of a few green minerals that are found inside this rock - Fuchsite, Epidot or Chlorite. Other than green, Glossularite Garnet can come in orange, red, dark yellow or gold colors as well.

It happens very often that African Jade is being confused with Verdite since they look similar in appearance. While both of these mentioned gemstones are green, African Jade has some additional colors like brown or white. Verdite tends to be completely green so it is possible to separate them only by closely looking at the color.

Enhancements on African Jade are very rare so most pieces are completely natural. Of course, when making jewelry from this gemstone, tumbling, polishing and cutting procedures are being applied. Based on Mohs scale Buddstone can have hardness 7 (out of 10). This level of hardness means that African Jade can be carved quite easily and its suitable material for making various ornaments, amulets and jewelry pieces.

Heart, Solar Plexus, Root and Sacral are the Chakras that African Jade can help to stimulate. When Buddstone is placed on the Crown Chakra, it is thought to be able to open channels that are needed for movement of Kundalini energy. Once the first four Chakras are stimulated by Buddstone, Kundalini can reach our heart level. Once this happens a person will have more enthusiasm and delight to follow his / her heart. African Jade is not a traditional birthstone of any zodiac sign, but some sources suggest that it is linked with Taurus sign.

If your goal is to be more focused and organized, African Jade is a perfect stone to have around. When a person needs to find a quick way to resolve a problem, Buddstone can be helpful in showing the most effective solution. African Jade is also commonly recommended stone for people who work in charities and non-profit companies. It can be helpful in enhancing cooperation and enhancing discernment skills. A person will be able to identify differences between people and their ideas easier. This in turn can allow to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties.

African Jade can be very helpful stone in business and career. Regenerative energy of this gemstone can be helpful in situations where financial problems arise. By encouraging gratitude it can help to improve customer relationships and service. Furthermore, African Jade can be useful in attracting new business ventures and enhancing overall business growth. If a person has a vision, this gemstone can help to make it reality. Also since Buddstone is a great motivation and self-confidence booster, it can help in managing tough situations and taking difficult decisions.

In spiritual level, Buddstone is said to provide a wearer with knowledge from our ancestors. This wisdom can be helpful in giving us more courage and strength that is needed in our everyday life. Having this knowledge can also be useful in better understanding cultural beliefs and habits. It can help us analyze our own beliefs so that we would concentrate only on those that are beneficial for us and the good of all people.

African Jade, Lapis Lazuli and Amber Stretch Bracelet

African Jade energy is also very calming and settling, which can help a person to become more aware of his / her feelings. Spending some time to acknowledge your strong and weak sides is useful in becoming more mature person. By accepting our mistakes and acknowledging our weak spots, we can try to fix them. This kind of self-work is essential for becoming a strong person who is able to handle various life challenges.