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As Herman Melville wrote: “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results."

Life is not so much about the answers you get but the questions you ask.  From your questions, I tune into Spirit to connect with your energy. Trust the questions that arise as Spirit already knows what you need and it may not be what you want. 

I have given thousands of readings over many years using Tarot Cards, Runes, Angles,  Crystals, Astrology, Numerology, Dowsing, Past Lives, Aura Readings but the one thing that connects me to all of them is the Highest Spirit that flows through all of us. I call this the Spirit and so long as I acknoweldge and nourish that part of me, I can serve you in the highest possible way for your highest good as an intuitive psychic.

I am a natural Psychic and my truth is that the Highest Spirit is not some unknown entity but the goodness and oneness that connects to ALL THAT IS and it resides in every part of our being no matter what colour, race or belief system you have.  When I reflect on my own personal journey, I realize everything I have experienced has not been wasted but created the ability for me to see the divinity in my own soul.  It is easy for me see the divinity in your soul in an energetic share. You will find it uplifting and inspiring.

Each of us face many obstacles and issues during our life.  If we’re looking for guidance or the solution for all our problems, who do we go to when our inner compass is off the track.  Whilst it is good to talk to talk to a close friend, family or an advisor for advice, if you want to seek guidance from a higher perspective, a session will open up your mind to another way of thinking and being, broaden your mind and infuse you with a sense of being in control of your life whilst surrendering to all that is...that is a powerful feeling. 

I love to share ancient secrets of the Unvierse which has personally worked me and I guarantee if you try my methods, they will work for you also! 


No problem can be solved from the same level of onsciousness that created it.  

"Albert Einsteen"

in 2020, we have been forced to live a new way of being. How are you coping with  that?  You may have the time now to ask a lot of self-reflective questions that you simply brushed under the carpet for sake of stepping out of your comfort zone. 

No matter what kind of cross roads you are at, career change, or experiencing difficult relationships, I will help you find your path by providing practical tools and techniques during the session supporting you to create the life you want.  There is no shame in that as you own only your life and no one else's.

I will guide you to find the clarity you are seeking and you will arrive at your own 'Ah ha moments'. I deal with all that issues that life has to offer and no question is too small or big from a higher perspective. You invariably know what you don't want but do you know what you really want?  You can arrive at the answer with a few simple techniques.

~Blessed Be~